Synecdochic Picnic

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Look at this lovely couple having a picnic. Good thing there are no ants about. What fetching lime-green pants he has on!

Bazinga. Can you spot the tiny picnic? (HINT- it’ just above the watermark ‘i’)

And for comparison-

Some points of note-

Lime-green pants: I ‘rented’ them from Uniqlo, by buying, wearing (with great care), then re-bagging and returning them. I would never have worn them again. I felt a little dishonest, but no harm, no foul.

Plastic ground: You can see a kind of plastic netting under the ‘grass’, which is common in Tokyo parks. It’s very uncomfortable to sit on. I suppose it’s meant to encourage grass-growth, by protecting seeds from being blown away? But really it just sucks.

Blurred people: Because this is not porn.

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