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I’m launching my short story Killin Jack on Kindle!! It’s a story of revenge and dark morality in the ramshackle fantasy city of Jabbler’s Mons, available now for $0.99

Killin Jack

Killin Jack is a man-made monster stalking the blood-slicked warrens of Jabbler’s Mons, a brutal city where back-street mogrifers sculpt living flesh into twisted zoo-morphized contortions.

Jack hunts the Bunnymen, lascivious cross-breeds that once rutted the city to the point of oblivion. But when his last victim proves to be a baby, Jack’s moral certainy falls away, and the final leg of his long-wrought revenge begins.

Contains KILLIN JACK (@ 5,000 words), plus excerpts from CELIBATE JAYNE and FREEMANTLE MONS.

The story was originally published in the online magazine AtomJack (2008), and published again in Aoiffe’s Kiss (2009).

Densely vibrant, brutally honest and utterly surreal, this is a steampunk-weird story for the post-fantasy generation.

Why put stories on Kindle?

It seems e-readers are blowing up. Guys like John Locke are making millions selling their stories online. Even J.K. Rowling is putting Harry Potter online for e-readers. It’s easier than ever to do, it’s free to upload stories, and the only cost is the time it takes to do it (and cover art if you’re prepared to pay for it).

John Locke’s story.

Kindle publishing page.

J. A. Konrath’s great blog on e-publishing.

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For such a long time I’ve wanted to be published. At the same time I’ve steered far clear of vanity-publishing; paying for it just seemed wrong. This Kindle zone seems to walk the line pretty nicely. I already offer all my published short stories on my website for free. That won’t change. But putting them on Kindle offers a new easy to read, productized version of the stories.


People judge books by their covers. To that end, I hired my friend Mike Beddall to do some graphic design art for the cover of Killin Jack:

Above are three covers I considered. The first is utterly simple and took me 5 minutes on pixelmator. The second was Mike’s first run at it. The third is the final cover- which I love for how striking and multi-layered it is. I’m so glad Mike was up for doing it- since he’s read the story several times, already done one painting of the characters, and knows what imagery will work. Thanks Mike!

If you already know the story of Killin Jack, perhaps you’ll get the meaning. If not, hopefully it will intrigue you enough to read the story.


I’d love to have your support. I’m not begging you to buy the story- but if you’ve read it already and have a few minutes to click ‘like’ or leave a review on its amazon page, I’d be hugely in your debt :). Reviews and likes make a big difference on possible success, it seems.

Thanks for your support!

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