The Toyo Bowl in Sandals

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This is the seventh part of my new series of Daily Haikyo Photos. See the first in the series for an explanation. This week’s theme is photos with me in them.

This is one of my favorites- somewhere I’d love to have taken a model. Unfortunately it’s (I think) demolished now. The atmosphere was awesome, eerie, calm, and very ruined. I’m wearing sandals in this shot and probably regretting it, since the floor is studded with nails, presumably once in place to keep the alley slats held in place. I almost stepped on one a few times- probably it would have gone right through the sandals soft rubber sole and puncturing into my foot. Ouch.

That actually happened to me before, when I was a kid, clambering over ruins. A nail went right into my foot, though maybe not through. I remember feeling faint and going into shock.

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