The abandoned resort of Hanultari on Jeju island

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Hanultari was our second abandoned resort on the Korean island of Jeju. We saw it while cruising to Ilchulbong volcano crater in a taxi, barely peeking through the mist. After climbing up the crater, which was completely covered in mist and thus invisible to us, we got our driver to take us back to the ruin. He stood by his taxi and watched (probably a bit bemused) as we clambered the hotel`s half-built skeleton and took photos of each other posing.

Unfortunately, the mist and my old Powershot camera combined to make most of the pictures pretty awful. Here`s a few I can stomach to show you.

Thick mist, and lots of contrast added to try to bring some of the detail out of the soup.

It all looked like this, bare cement walls.

Shooting out the back.

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