15 Abandoned Haikyo Phones

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Even the seasoned haikyoist is wary of haikyo phones- they are one of the myriad unseen dangers of haikyo. Alongside other well-known hazards such as poisonous mushrooms (don`t eat them!), yakuza packing hand-guns (don`t antagonize them!), and saprophytic organisms clouding parasitcally around dead bodies (don`t disturb them!), abandoned phones have the power to kill. They are Frankenstein`s monsters that can rumble to life (dialling tones!) at the most unexpected of times. Imagine walking into a morgue, starting an autopsy on a cadaver, then having that body leap up and start strangling you. *shudders*

A dead phone should stay dead.

1 – My first effort at selective colorizing.

They`re not all exactly phones…


– Can you name which haikyo location each phone came from?

– Can you name which phone had a dial tone? (BONUS POINT!)

2- 4 pretty phone booths in a row. Check out your reflection while you chatter.

3- Phone in a hall.

4- Uh….

5- Jackson Pollock phone.

6- I just found this phone in my archives, and already I can`t remember where it`s from. Good luck!

7- I remember thinking as I took this, over a year ago, that it would be a great entry in a phone compilation post. Well, here it is.

8- An easy recent one.

9- Lee from Tokyo Times liked this shot.

10- Did I even put this picture on my site? Maybe not. Maybe you can guess?

11- Ha ha, is that a phone or a time machine?

12- Uh…

13. As used by Hyacinth Bucket.

14- Phone and drink.

15- Experiment in flying ghost phones, in my `creative non-destructive interaction` phase.

Looking back through the archives has been quite a nostalgia buzz. Sad, happy, you know how it is. Jason, Mike and I used to take regular haikyo trips, weekends away that took the place frisbee tournaments had once had in our lives. Now Jason is long gone (to the USA, not dead), Mike is prepping to leave, and I shall be all alone in Tokyo soon :(…

Not to worry though, I`ve still got Star Trek the Next Generation and Warcraft (and of course SY!), so I`ll be fine 🙂

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    Tornadoes- I don’t think I even picked it up, so couldn’t say.

    Nihonchu- You’re right, they’re showers 😉

    Jason- True that, though a continent already well-explored by hundreds before me…

    Florian- Yup, see myself doing that some time soon. Gotta get out there before you find them all!

  2. Nice phone collection you got here. I just wonder what can of face you’ll do if one day in your Haikyo exploration you suddenly hear one phone ringing.Ok I admit I definitely watched too many Japanese horror films, but still I am sure that’s an idea that pop up in most of Haikyo explorer’s mind isn’t it?; My heart would definitely loose a 10 years life!;)

  3. Have you ever had a phone ring while exploring?? Or checked to see if it was still live? That would make me pee myself.
    No. 13 – I started to read it as Bucket and stopped myself–“Bouquet! Bouquet!” ^_^

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    Mathieu- Thanks, and I don`t like to think about the thought of phones suddenly springing to life. That`s freaky stuff. btw- I saw your comment on Mike`s Blender too, and really enjoyed leafing through your paintings. I love the bold colors and style.

    April- Thank heaven, it didn`t happen yet. Though a phone was live once, but happily no creepy Ring voice on the other end telling us we had 24 hours left to live. Once we found a Hatch-like room with computers running and a steady beeping sound being emitted, like a ghost in the machine`s heartbeat. We got out of there pretty quickly.

    Ah, Hyacinth! Read it like Bucket and she would not be best pleased.

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