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The Hotel Queen is another abandoned love hotel on the banks of Lake Tama. I first saw it the first time I went out there to shoot the Akasaka and the Red Blossom about 2 years ago. At the time it looked semi-abandoned, with a chain roping it off. I tentatively strode over the chain only to be blasted by a motion sensor alarm. I froze like a deer in the headlights, saw a nearby open door, shoes on the ground beside it, and decided not to push my luck any further. I cycled off, heading for the real meat.

Little dude models for us in the complex office.

This time around, on a cycling trip to Lake Tama with SY, it was obviously wholly abandoned. All its stuff had been hauled out and tossed out front of the gate. We found access down the side where one of the doors had been busted in. Of course we were looking for garish and wacky room decorations, but every one of the hut-rooms was still sealed off behind sturdy metal doors. One with an open window showed only a very banal and normal hotel room on the inside.

The most interesting spot was the complex`s office, where they had old-school vacuum tubes, for sending hi-tech discrete messages back and forth to the rooms. I suppose you`d send a note like- `more caviar` or something. Also we found a little dude on site to model for us.

Crummy-looking interior.

Vacuum tubes.

Excellent touch-tone phone.

The `chalets`.


I`d request these dancing (bowling?) shoes through the vacuum tube, like- `bring out my dancing shoes, baby, come on!`

Pretty drab, basically.

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  1. They left a lot of equipment in the office. Did you get any closer shots of the “PC” on the desk in the background. The keyboard doesn’t look like a standard PC design, so it might be some special-purpose electronic equipment and not a PC at all.

  2. Damn that is one fine phone, wouldn’t mind one myself.
    Maybe the Vacuum tubes could be used to send payment as well?

  3. Post

    David- No closer look at the gear, though yeah it didn`t seem to be standard, perhaps specialist for love hotels.

    Leni- I guess so. Perhaps room service, also…

  4. Interesting article, although it’s too bad that you couldn’t get any shots inside the guest rooms.

    I explored this hotel myself in late 2015. The good news is that by then the rooms were all open. The bad news is that vandals had reduced the place to a shambles. If you’re interested, you can see my account here:

    I took the liberty of linking to your article.

  5. Post

    Hi Chris- thanks for linking to your article here, and linking back to me on yours- really interesting photos of that old place. I like your use of wide-angle. As you say- I never went in a room, though as I recall one window was partially open at the time and I did peek in, but far too dark for photos.

    Vandals sure have smashed it up.

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