Tiger Man sighted!

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Yesterday SY and I went to see `I love you Philip Morris` in Shinjuku Piccadilly. As is our style now, we bought KFC in with us, sat in the front rows, and guzzled for about half of the movie. The movie itself is pretty funny, and quite sweet at points, with Ewan Mcgregor acting all adorable and Jim Carrey hopelessly in love with him. Anyway, what I`m talking about here is Tiger-man.

I spotted Tiger Man as we were leaving the theater. I guess he was watching the same movie. SY didn`t see him so for about five floors we gave chase down the escalators seeking him out. Then we saw him. Wow, crazy Tiger Man. In the gift shop I actually approached and said in polite Japanase `may I please take a photo`.

Well, he just totally ignored me. Huh! So I went ahead and took like 3 photos of him anyway. SY too. I guess he`s used to paparazzi like us. But if you don`t want to be noticed, why dress like that?

I wouldn`t want to sit next to him in the theater. All his gizmos would take up a lot of space. He looks like he`s selling something, but he`s not, that`s just his costume. SY said he`s actually a postman- and she learned that from a Japanese Tv show.


Tiger Man studiously ignores me.

I realize from these photos it may not be clear why he`s called Tiger-Man. Well, he has a Tiger mask on top of his head at all times, and he has a couple of stuffed tiger dolls hanging down his back, alongside Nemo and Stitch.

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