By the Grammaton

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BY THE GRAMMATON is an (as yet unpublished) collection of short stories set in the brutal city of Jabbler’s Mons.

Life is harsh under the King’s savage rule, with the threat of Evincement on the Spike ever-present, so the city’s denizens have become harsh; surviving floods and famine, endless nights, genocide, volcanic eruptions and the wrath of dark gods.


Freemantle Mons the Leviathan Smile watches as the moon and stars freeze in the sky and perpetual night descends over the city, spurring a race against the rioting populace as he struggles to kick-start the Grammaton clock-tower and get the skies moving again.

See more on this painting of Freemantle’s city here.


Killin Jack the Malakite finally completes his genocide of the Bunnyman race, except for one Bunnyman baby whose father died to protect him. Jack faces the impossible choice of letting the child live, or slaughtering it.

See more on this painting of Killin Jack here.


Celibate Jayne the Hammerhand busts out of a whale that has a living child inside, a boy who cannot speak in anything other than whale-song. A glimpse of the life of whales calls into question Jayne’s whole life as a whale-hunter.


Stereo Ward the Simpleton finds writing on the subway wall that might offer a way out of his miserable job as a tunnel-ghast.


Lumpen Bob the Bellyhead discovers a living woman in the Gutrock lava flow, thousands of years after the volcano blew, and begins to unearth the secrets, and cost, of her survival.


Lonnigan Clay the Mumpen-clawed Cray’s quest to exact revenge upon the white dome of the ocean that stole his wife will throw all the he knows into doubt and reorient the world? around him.

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