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Ruins feature prominently in my fiction, and continue to do so even though I haven`t posted any short stories here for a long time. I`m currently working on a trilogy set in my fantasy universe of Jabbler`s Mons, about halfway through the second book and revising the first. Since I`ve posted no fiction for a long time, I thought I`d reintroduce a few pieces through the lens of ruins. Here are 5 of my short stories, all about ruins.

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clowdishley2Sir Clowdishley and the Sea

Sir Clowdishley once explored the oceans, astronomer to the King, until his family died in the waves. Now he wanders the coasts of England in the ruins of his own once-glory.

I love the idea of a guy hell-bent on revenge on an inanimate object. There`s something beautifully self-deceptive about it, but also hopeful. Can he force the sea to relent?

mykidsMy Kids

Two kids torture their broken father in the ruins of the family home.

Very dark, without a doubt apocalyptic, a story I wrote about 6 years ago. It`s more a prose poem than anything, a postcard from after the end. I`m very attached to it, even though not much happens. At one point I thought it could swell out and become a novel. Perhaps it yet could.



desert-walkRoute 66

A white-haired young man walks through the desert, seeking something. He comes across a mad old man who polishes the road to seed the stars.

Another story that was, and may yet be, destined to become a novel. This is an excerpt that stands alone somewhere in the middle of an about 60,000 word novel beginning I wrote about 7 years ago.

post_apocalypse2Hunting Ground

Ren, Tekalus, and Lorie are hunters. They go to the underworld areas to hunt the dregs of humanity with sci-fi weaponry. But are they the only hunters out there?

A great bit of fun set in the dark ruins of a modern city.


industra2Fade out

The world has fallen and there is no electric power left, except for that generated by human`s themselves in makeshift gym/generator tents. Dray was in Japan when the dead switch flipped, and so there he remains, working for a few hours of battery power to reheat the soup for his kids.

The ruins of a Tokyo without energy.

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  1. Thanks for the short stories.

    Based on the topics your write about, I’m guessing you read book or watched the 70s TV series ‘Survivors’. If you didn’t know, the second season of the new ‘Survivors’ series is currently airing in the UK now.

  2. Post

    Hi Richard- no actually I don`t know survivors, but it sounds interesting (from wikipedia) so I think I`ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

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