Outdoor Japan Haikyo Article – Forgotten Places

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The magazine Outdoor Japan is currently running an article introducing haikyo to their readers, written by me. It’s titled ‘Forgotten Places’, and is the first of what should be a series of articles covering various ruins around Japan, focusing on the adventurous side of exploring them.

Outdoor Japan is a bimonthly bilingual magazine for anyone interested in outdoor sports, events, and activities in Japan. They usually cover things like mountaineering, skiiing, snowboarding, hiking, and so on. Haikyo is a first for them- so we’re all quite excited to see what kind of reception it’ll get.

At the moment I don’t have any extra copies of this edition of OJ, but when I do I’ll offer a few as prizes in haikyo-related competitions. In the meantime, you can subscribe to OJ from their website or buy it at one of these locations around Japan. You’ll also be able to see my article online in March when it moves from the print to the online edition.

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