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William Gibson stopped by this website about 9 hours ago and retweeted my Sex Industry in Ruins article. That is awesome. On Twitter he goes by GreatDismal.

GreatDismal RT : Love shacks: Japanese love hotels in ruins http://bit.ly/8pK10A

I`ve read a number of Gibson`s books and always been impressed. Of course I`ve read Neuromancer, also Pattern Recognition and The Difference Engine. Excellent stuff. I suppose he is very interested in all things Japanese, which perhaps help explain what brought him to my site.

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  1. That is so amazing! I have been a huge fan of Gibson for many years. I even took a special topics course in college called Cyberpunk Literature.
    I love your photos of Haikyo. I found you from Mike’s Blender, but I used to follow Gibson’s blog, but now he does more twitter.
    What a small world the internet has made.

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