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SY and I went to Fukuoka last week for onsen and haikyo- here’s a night shot from the 24th floor of the massive JAL hotel. That’s Fukuoka Tower on the right. Shots of the various haikyo (WW2 era suicide boat training facility, 19th century prison, Kawamina Shipyard, and the Russian Village-esque Porcelain land) coming over the next few weeks.


And by day:


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  1. I’ve taken similar night photos of many Japanese cities. Though the cities can look interesting during the day, they almost always seem to look better at night.

    Looking forward to reading about and seeing the Fukuoka haikyo adventures. 🙂

  2. I’ve really enjoyed looking around your site. I’m sort of a budding haikyo enthusiast living in Kumamoto-ken, and I was curious where you get your information, if there isn’t some cloud of tacit secrecy around the subject. I would love to visit some of the sites you listed in Fukuoka. If you have any recommended resource, specifically for Kyushu, I would be deeply grateful.
    thanks! Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice photos. I lived in Sasebo, about a 40 minute train ride so Fukuoka was my second city to hang out in. Really neat city with lots of things to see. Can’t wait to see more photos and how much it has changed since I was there.

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