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A few weeks back I took the bus down to the bottom of the Chiba Boso Peninsula in search of the Boyou Hotel. I got to take the sub-Tokyo Bay Aqualine for the first time, which was cool, but I felt too ill to enjoy being on the Umi Hotaru. I had some kind of food poisoning from the Mexican place El Torito in Ikebukuro. I ended up staggering around the small seaside town looking for a place to lie down. The hotel was gone, demolished, so I settled in a culvert of rock looking out at the empty ocean and sky.

I ended up riding the next bus back, in misery for 3 hours with nausea and fever. Kind of a fail day on all fronts, though for some reason I didn’t feel too bothered. It was nice just to get out and go down to Chiba I guess, even though I was sick.

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  1. That is funny, I went to that El Torito place last night (in Ike-B-)and was sick about two hours later and my girlfriend was sick this morning. Think the management changed over there, when I asked why had they stopped the self service chips I was told that people were too greedy especially as all the kids in Africa were starving, no crap, my dad used to say the same thing, he rounded off by telling us not to be too greedy, if we couldnt finish the chips we shouldnt order them, bizarre to say the least and defintely the last time I will go there!

    Shame about the haikyo but have had heard some good reviews of Boso as a laid back place with amazing coastal scenery and hope to check it out soon, nice one for the update

  2. Post

    J-eye- Crazy, that place must have some serious problems. We won’t be going back. Such a contrast because the El Torito in Shinjuku is awesome. I guess local management makes the difference.

    Boso was beautiful for sure, though I was in no fit state to properly appreciate it.

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