Tokyo Blogger Meet-up at Mike’s Pink Cow Art show

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Last night was the premiere of my buddy Mike’s art show at the Pink Cow in Shibuya. He had invited a hotch-potch mix of our old frisbee friends, students, work-mates, and also a few guys from the Japan blogosphere. The event was a blast and I believe several paintings sold, with a lot of people seriously admiring Mike’s work. No doubt he has skills. I’ll post an interview with artwork photos and video tour of the gallery in the next few days. For now though- a brief post on the bloggers. It was the first time to meet these guys and great fun. Each of the 5 of us there does a different thing, though all share an interest in getting out and about, if not to haikyo then in CJW’s case into the deep mountains. We chatted about our similar experiences, possible ad revenue, camera gear, and made plans for future trips out and about. It was good fun, maybe we ought to have a wider blog meet-up with even more of the blogland dudes (they’re all guys, I think).


Me, Gakuranman Mike, Tokyo Times Lee, CJW Chris, Mike’s Blender Mike

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  1. The Can is looking pretty fit and trim. Lee doesn’t look like what I imagined, but don’t know why I thought he’d look different since I see his avatar photo on Twitter every day!

    Gakuranman looks a bit like Karl’s younger brother?

    Still waiting for UK to shave the beard and ponytail…..

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