Star Wars fans in cosplay dress-off

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Makuhari Messe is one heck of a ginormous exposition facility, big enough to accomodate the Millennium Falcon, Jabba the Hutt, numerous Darth Vaders AND Han Solo’s ego all at once. When Star Wars came to Tokyo, I had to go along to help celebrate. Dudes in storm-trooper costumes (is one of those Danny Choo? hmm, no guitar…) and ladies with weird fleshy heads and blue skin. They were all out in force. Chewbacca signed signatures, though precious few people went to his booth, C3-PO gave an entertaining and self-effacing speech on the main stage, Jabba the Hut terrorized poor little children, and much fun was had by all.

Various breeds of attractive girl confabulate.

I actually went here about a year ago, but never got round to posting the photos. I’m not such a Star Wars fan, but allowed myself to be encouraged along by Jason, who is. The event was largely due to the pending release of the animated Clone Wars movie.


Darth shows what he’s really made of.

An alien rhino I wasn’t alowed to ride, despite much pleading.


My man, Yam Solo!

The LEGO stand was PHAT to the PH, what what?


As promised, the Falcon.

And JABBA! (Wait, is he on the left or that guy in the red shirt? Ha ha ha ha! That’s me!)

My main man Danny Choo, going about his business.

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