Relics of the Keishin Hospital 3. Graffiti

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Often ruins have a few tags littering their walls, messages and names left by some dumb-asses in their bid for eternal glory. Scrawls, defacements, junk. Well, not so the Kesihin hospital. It is a gallery of gorgeous, skilled, vivid art that Banksy would be proud of. Fantastic Celtic patterns, grotesque monsters, beautiful sexy women, Warhol-esque renderings of famous models, comedic talking heads, and on. The place is a treasure trove of ever-changing art, as new artists come in and add to, alter, replace the work done by their forebears. Spread over 6 floors and the roof, every wall a blank canvas waiting for the lick of aerosol paint. Phew. Wow.

She reads the gothic text, comes up blank.

I’ve been to this place before, at night, shooting by flash. See that post here, and perhaps you’ll notice some of the changes.


Wall monster.


Evil eye.


KANE, one of the foremost artists there.

Gate-keeper, standing by the ruined entrance.


Talking heads.


She’s ready for her close-up, I think.


Mad epic goblin action.


Don’t get near its tail.





A typical wall.


Beauty and stencils.


World painted over a rapturous woman.


Baseball player on the bathroom tiles.


Evil thing crawling along the green wall.


That famous chick I see everywhere, Warhol-ized.


He looks like a jelly blob to me.


Fancy block tagging.


Nun counsels a nekkid hottie.



Location – Kanagawa.

Entry – Easy, straight in.

Highlights – Grafitti, film-makers, mountains, memories.


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  1. These are fantastic. So much creative energy. Other kinds of energy in there, too.

    “Famous chick” looks like figure skater Mao Asada to me.

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  3. Seek out the graf book “Rackgaki: Japanese Graffiti” and you can see a whole host of images from the Keishin hospital, which includes a DVD version of the book where there’s quite a long section devoted to this place alone! Publisher is Laurence King, and book is highly reccomended.

    Love the pics , by the way. Would love to go there myself one day.

    In a similar vein, though not as brilliant as the Keishin hospital…

  4. For a moment there I thought that was a mouse trap by her snatch. Haven’t been there yet but I do know or some painters in Japan, who may know of some cool spots. Maybe even haikyo.

    Btw did you get my mail about Chiba and Choshi?

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    David- Well spotted, could make nothing of it other than a scorpion myself.

    Seba- Great info, thanks a lot. It’s really s phenomenal location, where the art changes all the time, like a proper gallery.

    Envoy- Yes indeed.

    Adrian- I checked through my email, don’t think I got one about that. Can you resend it?

  6. It’s hard to believe those are painted on the walls….they just look so….fantastic/professional/real I don’t even know….and they’re just sitting on the walls of an old hospital.

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