The forgotten classrooms of Okawa seminar house

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We took the coast route around the hill, trying to find a road that would lead us to the Seminar House Paul had seen from the train. At the top we rolled around wealthy summer homes for 20 or so minutes, peering over the edge, constantly wondering if we were too high, too low, too far round. We got out to walk.

“Look, it’s a deer.”

“Hey, deer!”

The deer ran away.

“Why’d you scare it away like that?”

“I was just saying hello.”

seminar house ruins okawa 2

much better

We walked overgrown avalanche roads for a while before getting bored.

“It must be down there somewhere.”

“I’m sure we’re too high.”

“I can’t see a thing.”

“I wish I’d got a shot of that deer.”

Eventually we gave up on the high ground and returned to sea level. We could see it in the foliage, but with no clear idea of how to get there. Where the heck was the road?

Screened by bushes. Behind a chain fence, down a steep side-avenue. Found it.

We blazed through in about 15 minutes flat. We had other, bigger fish to fry further down the road. The classrooms were eerie.

seminar house ruin 900h1

Shoulders above the foliage.

seminar house ruin 900m5

Take a long, luxurious bath. Enjoy the view.

seminar house ruins okawa 1

This is where I keep my stapler.

seminar house ruins okawa 3

Attention at the back!


Location – Okawa, Izu (near here- 34.826768408640426,139.07352447509766)

Entry – Difficult to get onto the right road, but easy once we found it.

Highlights – Classrooms.


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