Ice-bound Russian ships wrecked off Kamchatka

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Kamchatka is a Russian peninsula in the far North, home to seals, volcanoes, and a large industrial-era ship graveyard, where rusting hulks of tankers, trawlers, and tugs lie embedded in icy permafrost, slowly sinking into harbors they once stood tall and upright within.

A huge tanker sinks into the ice.

Bereft on icy coral.

A large portion of the ships have already been swallowed by ice.

Rigging spilling over the rusty bow.

A few tundra tourists cruise by.

Ship graveyard.

This is a fantastic location, and the photos do a good job of capturing the essence of the place. It seems only one photographer has ever shot it though, as all the photos out there can be traced back to one source.


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