Ueno’s Ojarus

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Ojarus are a couple of tea-cosy aficionados gone mad- either that or they’ve got some outlandish head-shapes. I caught up with them in Ueno just as they were finishing their bit of Heaven Artistry, and so I really don’t know what they did for their act. Perhaps poked people in the eye with their long blue head-hats? Tuned into to long-wave AM radio and danced along to Thrash Elvis out of Missouri (the home of Thrash Elvis, or so I’m told)?


In his spare time he uses his head-hat to rescue kittens stuck in trees, itch the backs of giants, and get the book down from the top-shelf for some old granny.


Whichever it might be, I found them to be a charming pair of rogues, waddling off with their bags tucked under their arms, great heads swaying in the wind. Farewell, bon chance, sayonara, my dear imaginary friends!


Strange performers, hmm. Now just what did they do?!


What a sweet pair of grand olde kabuki dames.


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    Rrabano- I think it was I who took the mushrooms, then saw these guys on the trip.

    Jason- I went on a weekday, not much of a crowd even as they were ending up- hardly anybody gave them cash. This must be the day-time gig for people who have a more real performing job by night.

    Kev- Katamari is a video game, perhaps with dudes with weird shaped heads? They are often in Ueno but probably perform in the other approved Heaven Artist parks around Tokyo too.

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