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FourLegsMAN is the creation of Heaven Artist Chikurino, a delightful fusion of creepy black-clad stalker, entrancing four-legged mime and hilariously shocking legs akimbo flasher. Like the Black Widow he draws in his prey with mesmerizing foot-work, four legs walking him smoothly on and off his box and round his den until all eyes are set on trying to determine- ‘how is he doing that, and which are his real legs?’ Then he ups skirts, the two fake legs hoist like a giant maw opening, and he charges down his unwitting prey- normally school-girls who dash away laughing hysterically.

Chikurino is a 31-year old street performer who’s been working the Tokyo Parks scene for 7 years, having quit the salaryman life-style at the tender age of 24. He applied for Heaven Artist status in 2004 and succeeded- qualifying as a multi-skilled performer: magician, juggler, mime, and tablecloth-puller.

FourLegsMAN surveys his crowd, probably wondering which one to eat.

I’m a little surprised and delighted at the number of Heaven Artists currently active in Tokyo today. I really had no idea. I thought Masahiro Tatematsu the drummer and Yukinko Akira the hipster painter were two of only a few privileged individuals innovating in the city’s parks. After a little web research though I found some Heaven Artist’s pages, along with information and performance schedules.

Here’s Chikurino’s site.

Of course, it’s in Japanese. You can use a translation engine like Babelfish to put it in English, and it’ll even translate the following pages you click- though it makes a mess of the schedule page.

Anyhow- I hunted that down last night and had some time today- so went off in search off him in Ueno Park, and across a 90 minute period I saw about 7 different acts- all of them of great quality in their individual fields, all of them bringing a smile (or even a hysterical yawp when I got four-leg-flashed!) to my face.

The bucket for Yen to be delivered into. FourLegsMAN would frequently point at this bucket and make the money sign (finger thumb made into a circle). He made a point of shaking everybody’s hand after they donated- I gave 100 yen.

Four legs move in unison.


FourLegsMAN kicks back.

Points to the bucket.

Lurking. Looking for prey.

Don’t look at his legs…

The legs go back!


He charges!!!

Oh no! They were too slow!

It’s over!

He drags his prey back onto his box. (Me).

Chikurino- the man with FourLegs.

And of course, some video of FourLegsMAN entrancing then SWOOPING.

Heaven Artists – Four Legs Man from Michael John Grist on Vimeo.


Location – Ueno Park.

Entry – Free.

Facts – 7 years a HA.

Highlights – He charges me! I’m too busy checking my camera settings though, so I barely notice, then just narrowly evade getting WHOMPED.


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  1. I love the video! Is that your laughter in the background? These kinds of acts are always great when you get a chance to see them so thanks for sharing : )

  2. This is a very cool artist. I had never heard of him before. Is there a list of Heaven Artists you are working from for your profiles of them?

  3. Wow, that is some amazing talent!! I would be tripping all over myself and probably knock myself unconscious.

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for three months or so. I have really enjoyed your adventures to the abandoned buildings. They look like so much fun. Thanks!

  4. Post

    Honor- Thanks, and yes that is my laughter :). I thought it might be a bit too loud as I shot the video, but couldn’t help it I suppose- when those legs go up you’re not at all prepared for it!

    Jason- I got his info from searching around and found his profile on his website- seems like a lot of these Heaven Artist’s have websites (a lot of them not regularly maintained…)

    FifthDream- Thanks, I’m pleased I stuck around in the park long enough to see him- glad you liked it too.

    Michelle- Hello, welcome, and thanks for commenting 🙂 There’s a bit of a mix of stuff on this site so I’m glad you can enjoy more than one thread. FourLegsMAN is a brilliant idea and Chikurino has a great talent with it for sure- I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of ‘mime’ before, certainly not executed that well. The haikyo btw are good fun- why not try one in your area?

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