Melon Cream Soda

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Sometimes you just need a melon.

Here is an example of a time you might need a melon:

You’re hungry, and thirsty, and want to eat a melon.

That’s the appropriate time. For the rest of the time- let’s enjoy Melon Cream Soda!

Melon Cream Soda.

Melon soda is very popular here in Japan. For long years I was loathe to try it because I’ve always had something of a vendetta against melons. They’ve blocked my attempts to accomplish wondrous feats on several occasions. Plus I don’t much like the taste of them.

Finally when I was persuaded to try melon soda- I found that it didn’t taste anything remotely like melons. What did it taste like? I’d be hard-pressed to say. Like a soda, really, with some kind of flavor. Not mellony.

Glass awaiting completion.

Take the next step, and you’re putting a scoop of ice cream into your melon soda and having a cream soda. Yum. I’ve always enjoyed this, often imbibing it at family restaurants such as Royal Host and Jonathon’s.

In a glass!

Now though came the test- can you distill delicious cream soda made with fresh melons, soda water, and ice cream into a bottle?

This is the bottle receptacle.

This is the glass- filled!

The answer to this question is- surprisingly yes. It tastes really quite good. It has the thick cloudiness of molten floating ice cream, mixed with the soda/melon taste, and comes out very well.


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    Misato- True that, melon soda has no connection to melons other than the name.

    Billy- I wouldn’t normally drink it out of a can, perhaps only at a drink bar at a family restaurant. This one was good for an experiment, but I won’t be drinking it just for pleasure.

    len- Uck, Kirin…

    FifthDream- It’s a cool green, no doubt.

  2. Yum! Shame it doesn’t taste like melon though as i love melon bubble tea, guess i’ll stick to that. I love grape soda, do they have that in Japan? I know they have grape fanta…

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    Kely- Ugh, bubble tea? I had that once, was just too freaked out by the bubbles. Grape soda for sure- I often get Fanta Grape at Mcdonalds. Plus we have Welch’s still grape juice, normally from vending machines.

  4. OMG! I was just in Japan in July and my hubby and I had this drink from a vending machine outside the subway in Asakusa. It was the most delicious thing we’d ever had. for the rest of our trip we looked in every vending machine we passed hoping to see it again (there’s a lot of vending machines in Japan) and we never found it. We were so sad. We just had the one bottle thinking we would find it again. I’m going to try finding this at the Asian grocery stores here. You’ve inspired me. Thanks for posting that pic. I couldn’t remember what company made it, now I know.

    ps. I found the drink to taste quite a lot like honey dew melon, mixed with cream soda and ice cream.

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