Kiwi Pocky

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Pocky have been coming in a wild and weird range of souped-up flavors for decades- I myself have witnessed creme brulee, deep-sea tuna, cauliflower-mango, and flugelberry (oddly enough- a flavor pioneered by the Beatles!). But this new flavor- kiwi, that just takes the cake. Even better- this is tsubu tsubu kiwi- which translates roughly to- kiwi pocky like your mother made it.

Wow, those crazy Wonka-ites, what will they think of next? Tugging on our heart strings for that old-style religion, while simultaneously playing our tongue string like a hillbilly banjo.

Kiwi Pocky posing on my balcony, despite high wind.

I tried to work with this Pocky box, but it was pretty arrogant. Every time I posed it on my windy balcony it tried to head-butt my camera. The camera was only winking at it! Settle down, Kiwi Pocky.

Angry Pocky goes for the head-butt.

I further tried to shoot these aggravating sticks spread out together- but they were such pre-madonnas (sic) they insisted on splaying akimbo at their own wonky angles.

“Oi, you’re not Stonehenge!” I barked at them. To no avail.

Pre-madonnas (sic)

Lining up to pose only after I threatened them with beheading.

As for the taste- can I say it tasted like green strawberries? That’s how I feel about kiwi generally anyway- basically the same style of fruit, but in a skin, oval, and green. Probably tarter. The tartness is not in the Pocky sticks- as you might imagine, they’re just sweet with a minor zing.

I thought about setting up an elaborate post with a kebab stick and a skinned kiwi on the end- for comparisons- but it seemed like a lot of palaver so I didn’t bother.

By the way- Tsubu tsubu actually means ‘granulated’, the Pocky flavors I cited were invented, and flugel-berries are not real (though the Beatles were!)

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  1. Aw, I’ve chosen the merry mix/valentine themed/whatever type, while I was in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago(after SOME dramatic minutes xD), at mine 7/11 those two were the only choices…

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