Hello Kitty Mineral Water

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Yum yum yum, who wouldn’t pay 400 yen for a sexy bottle of water? Wait, I forgot- a sexy/kawaii (cute!) bottle of Hello Kitty water?

Boom, you’ve been suckered in, I knew it. All things cute and sexy, this way please: take off your cap, yes, ooh, be gentle, down the hatch, mmm, both sexy and kawaii in my stomach. Hello Kitty, you amaze me.

Hello Kitty you amaze me!

In order to help me do a proper review of the water inside Hello Kitty’s sexy/kawaii body, I called in some favors from a few old friends:

Not the A-Team.

On the left is Toad, of Frog and Toad fame. Yes, that’s right, I own a little celebrity.

On the middle is Ganesh the many-armed Indian elephant-headed God. He plays the saxophone with serious skill.

On the right is Big Mama- she knows what a real woman tastes like since she’s got 14 smaller ones in her gut already.

Hello Kitty shows off her headless curves.

Copy of Aretha Franklin’s bow?

Shake it, unhuh, shake it, shake it, shake it, aaah ha.


First up, Big Mama.

Big Mama (BM) appraised Hello Kitty’s (HK) curves and found they looked tasty. Classic figure 8, she said. Then she asked to taste HK.

Big Mama taste-test.

Of course to taste-test BM has to eat all of HK.

Big Mama’s house.

BM boomed – HK tastes good.

OK, so that’s one vote for HK. Next, Toad.

He’s already eyeing her provocatively.

Ah, no, really? Well, I guess HK stood no chance against his negs (did you make that bow yourself? yeah, it looks nice…) and swampy charm.

I think we can call that a pass, 2 out of 3 so far. Onto Ganesh:

Ganesh getting meditative.

Ganesh enjoyed the vibe of HK, but in order to truly know her, he needed to take a shower.

Wow, what a refreshing shower.

So, looks like a pass with flying colors- 3 out of 3. Wow.

And what do I think? Well, it tastes like water.

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    Sorry Chesu- accidentally deleted your comment- here it is again:

    ..Wow. That’s something special, right there. I don’t really get it… but then again, I get it completely. I mean, marketing people don’t have to justify something so long as it gets peoples’ attention, right? That IS the justification.

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