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As we all know- sometimes liquid beer just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you have a thirst so deep and true that only a solid will really cut to the chase, really drop the A-bomb, really nuclearize that aching need inside. Up until now, the best solid beer we had was jelly beer, beer-tots, and beer-steak.

Ha. Now- the real thing; pellet-sized beer-crystal rocks of deep beery satisfaction, ready for you whenever you think you’re ready for them.

Tokyu Hands are the DIY general stores of Japan- normally set over multiple floors featuring furniture, stationary, tools, bikes, novelty goods, and lots of other junk. I was probably buying an afro wig for last Halloween or perhaps a box of mini-Jenga for a secret santa gift when I saw the beer drops.

I bought them on the spot, then tucked them away thinking to myself- ugh, gah, do I actually have to taste one of those things? Maybe 6 months later I did.


And how was it? I rolled it around my mouth for few seconds, and that was enough to know that, even though it did taste like a sweet flat beer, it in no way replaced the deep and true satisfaction of its liquid form.

Fail. Get a hip-flask instead.

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  1. My husband bought some beer caramels which I tried and they were pretty disgusting. A review from them is in the buffer and will show up on my site, but, suffice it to say, beer candy didn’t impress me any more than it impressed you.

  2. Pure genius!! I need to go out and grab some of these. I might be disappointed when it is all over with though. Maybe I will just take your suggestion and go with a flask instead 🙂

  3. Post

    Orchid- It just seems ill-conceived, beer is not supposed to be sweet and solid. Will look out for your beer caramels review.

    Tornadoes- If they tasted good, and had some alcohol, I think the appeal might be there. As is, not so much.

    Freedom- Definitely try them- you can have mine if you want- but I doubt you’ll actually like them. Though- maybe it’s an acquired taste?

    Jay- Flask will almost certainly lead to more interesting results 😉

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  5. Too bad this product doesn’t cut it! It really would be a nice thing to have handy. One drop and boum, you have yourself a good tasting beer. One day we might have what it takes. haha!

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