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Sometimes you just have to know where the knives be at. Sometimes you’ll be cooking a goose, and need to trim that darn bird. Othertimes you need to sew your pants up and you need a darn knife to cut a thread. Other times you just need to stick a knife in a darn tomato and carve it like a jack-o-lantern.

So when I saw this crazy ad in the Shimbashi Caretta mall tourist zone, alongside ads and directions for 100-yen stores, limousine buses, and foreign exchange spots, I knew that something had gone very right in the world.

A man on his way to a stabbing knows that preparedness is everything.

That green circle in the map is the human limbic system- if you stab right where it says ‘caretta’, you get BINGO and win a prize.

Knife shop routing- for your convenience so you save the maximum possible time on your way to a stabbing.

Knife shop behind Louis Vuitton and Bulgari- don’t tempt me, Louis!

That is all.

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  2. Why are the signs in English, Chinese and Korean, not Japanese?

    And I associate quality Japanese knives with the cooking variety, not the stabby kind as illustrated here.

    Also, isn’t there some sort of law about export of the nasty stabby kind?

  3. Post

    Alice- Huzzah, thank you!

    Can Mike- It seems like the tourist people are encouraging it yeah- weird.

    Ken Y-N- Good spot on the non-Japanese signs- I suppose they’re targeting tourists only, strange since it’s not exactly a tourist hot-spot, more a business location. Stabbing knife picture- ha, bad mistake. Export- if it’s in the check-in baggage, you can take just about anything I think. I took 3 samurai swords with me to the USA and wasn’t questioned on it once.

    Mark- I committed 3 knife-crimes myself before breakfast.

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