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Hollywood actors often do ads in Japan that they would never do back in the US. I don’t know why really, though I suspect it’s because that kind of ‘selling out’ in America is more likely to negatively impact their status than it would here.

A few years back they had David and Posh Beckham in small cars saying- ‘my beautiful small’ at us. Brad Pitt has done low-key advertising for Edwin jeans for as long as I’ve seen Edwin jeans. Back when 24 was huge Kiefer Sutherland reprised Jack Bauer to sell Calorie Mate energy drink.

Below are a few instances of Hollywood, Japan I’ve gathered recently.

That’s Arnie on the Fukutoshin line, grinning at me and telling me to come to California.

Smile wider, Arnold! Look more regal!

That’s Cameron in Softbank peering through the bushes on Meiji Dori.

Hold the phone in a more sexy manner, Ms. Diaz, if you please.

Here is an old poster of Bruce threatening to move me. Bruce, you moved me in Armageddon when you sacrificed yourself to save your son, Ben Affleck. Probably you should have let him die, but still. Also you moved me when you said- “Yippee kay aye, mother-******!” when you killed some terrorists before it was even all that popular to kill terrorists.

A close-up. Yes, he appears to be wearing a gasoline pump and tank on his back.

Finally, the piece de resistance- the recent ‘Alien Jones’ campaign featuring Tommy Lee reprising a Men in Black type of thing for Boss coffee. He’s an alien come to Earth (Japan) to check it out, and he likes the coffee. Great use of Tommy Lee being stoic and phoning in another ‘grizzled face’ performance. There’s about 12 of these in the series, my favorite involves ping pong:

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  1. Mike,

    It’s not that complicated really. It’s all about the money. If they can get paid their scale for saying silly things or joining lame ad campaigns – they will do it anywhere. My guess is that some of them (like Diaz) wouldn’t be the spokesperson for Nihon Whale Burgers, but SoftBank is harmless.

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    Curt- yeah, I’m sure that’s what it is, and the reason they don’t do that back in the US is it would damage their image too much.

    Tornadoes- the Governator is saying- “QUICK, GET TO THE CHOPPER!” (and come to Cali)

  3. Found this blog via StumbleUpon. You live a good life, my man. A good life. Mark my words, I’ll be in Japan in 5 years.

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