Fukutoshin Line Opens

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On Saturday June 14th the latest and possibly last subway line through Tokyo, the Fukutoshin F-line, opened up, and I was one of the first people on it.

The line runs from Saitama down through Ikebukuro and on to Shibuya, with extensions into other train lines at both ends. Trains run around every 5 minutes.

I boarded early in the morning, but the whole of Zoshigaya was already a-buzz like I’d never seen before, I suppose chiefly due to F-line tourists checking out the stops along the way. I imagine this new station will inject new capital into the area, perhaps we’ll see more renovations, more classy restaurants and bars and the like.

The line itself is quite deep, not as much as the Oedo line in Roppongi but still a good 4 escalator rides down. The platform has the new motorized railings to stop people from falling off. The walls of the line are curved like the Oedo line, unlike most other Tokyo subway lines, reminding me of London’s Tube.

I only rode one stop, but it was a leisurely and pleasant affair. Full marks, the F-line. 5/5.

Here’s the video of my journey:

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  1. I like the yellow color scheme of this train line. Don’t know if I’ll take it much though.

    What really makes a station though is the quality of its restrooms. I’d appreciate a follow-up video chronicling those, as well as its kiosks.

  2. Post

    Yellow color scheme? It’s purple isn’t it?

    Restrooms- don’t know how comfortable I’d be taking photos in a men’s room, certainly I’d be uncomfortable doing it the ladies room. Kiosks, you mean by the ticket gates where the station staff sit?

  3. Nice,
    Respect the fact that you walked around filming and talking to yourself in the crowds. I feel funny/nervous when I do that.

    My student said she took i the first day and it was packed, and kept stopping between stations. Your ride looked pretty normal though…

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