Blue Pepsi, Brazilian Pocky

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After my review of Bean and Beer Pretz last week I decided the snack-cocktail combo-review should continue, so this week I bring you: Pepsi Blue Hawaii and Brazilian Pudding Pocky!

This snack-cocktail should be aided by the fact that Blue Hawaii actually IS a cocktail, or takes the name of a cocktail. Pepsi, I salute you.

There’s been kids beer, dogs beer, now let’s soft-drink-ize the cocktails.


But it doesn’t really taste like a cocktail. Probably you’ve already tasted Pepsi Lemon, which was around forever, though canceled now. I was a big fan of that drink, if only because it seemed fizzier than a normal Pepsi, and I’m a fan of fizz.

Blue Hawaii takes the lemony tang of Lemon Pepsi, adds in bubble-gum berry flavor (uh, pineapple?), makes the whole thing blue, a gimmick that will surely work as well as Tab Clear did for a clear Pepsi, and you have Blue Hawaii.

I liked it though. It’s blue Pepsi, hurrah! The taste is indistinct- nice, just how I like it. Keep me guessing Pepsi. Just what am I drinking?

Blue Hawaii- 4/5.

Now, the Pocky:

Pocky are these biscuity sticks that come coated in some kind of flavored chocolate. I imagine they are made in just the same manner as candles- dip them, dry, maybe dip again, then move on.

The Japanese are also fond of Pudding, or Purin, which in their eyes is a yolky custardy solid yellow jelly thing bought in plastic pots, often with lots of cream on top (Men’s Purin!), or a layer of caramelly brown sugar on the bottom. For the more adventurous, there are purin with gas release valves. You put these Purin on your plate top-down, release the valve, air sucks in releasing the purin down from its vacuum, you lift off the lid and there sits your perfect mound of Purin.

Anyway. These Pocky tasted much like that, but better. They look very appetizing, smell like white chocolate, and taste like a smooth mulch of white chocolate and burnt caramel. Delicious.

Brazilian Pudding- 5/5.

In combination- I’d advise some kind of savory product in the middle- perhaps some Spicy Chicken nibbles or a Smoked Chicken Bagel. In fact, I think I’ll go repeat that particular combo again, right now.

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  1. Figured you be on it, so I posted it as quick as I could!

    Hated the taste! Although maybe only because it didn’t go well with what I was eating for dinner….

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