Modelling photo shoot!

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Today I went in for my photo shoot at the Victoria model agency. I had to bring a suit, sports clothes and casual clothes, all for my modelling CV- not for work.

Let me tell you- it was fun. In front of a camera I tend to prance and fidget and strike poses anyway, so being told to do that was very liberating. It felt a lot like playing, like I was a little kid and the adults were watching me, and everything I did they said- ‘wow, isn’t he clever!’ or- ‘oh so cute!’

I broke out my ‘Welcome to the Show!’ pose, of course my ‘Blue Steel’, as well as old favorites such as ‘straining for the frisbee’ and ‘looking whimsically off to the side’, plus a new addition- ‘raging angry boss.’

Felt like I couldn’t go wrong!

The OL’s there (both working models themselves) said my shots will go online on their website in the next few days, so I’ll be sure to link that up here when it happens.

Male model, baby!

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  1. Male Model! I missed something somewhere – when did you decide to do this? Gonna model and write and quit the teaching gig? 😉

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    It’d be great if I could live off it- but I think it’s a pretty random way to make money. I’ll still be teaching for a while yet..

  3. Cheeky monkey, have we swapped lives somewhere along the way!!!!!! You and I are not so dissimilar after all Mr Grist.


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