Killin Jack the Malakite

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My buddy Canadian Mike painted this- after many attempts to capture the mood of Jack vs. the Last Bunnyman. It’s from the opening scene of my story Killin Jack the Malakite, recently published in the zine Atomjack.

Jack is the ape-like guy on the right. The Bunny is in the middle of the graves, just finished burying the last Bunny child, now leaping for Jack.

I love it. It’s dark, but the colors are silvered out by the pale moon-light. I love Jack’s bulk, and the Bunnyman’s dynamic flight. Mike’s a great painter- we’ve talked some about turning Jack into a graphic novel. I’d love to see that, and of course work on it.

Check out Mike’s site for more of his paintings. Maybe one day he’ll put up a link where you can buy them, or prints, online.

Feel free to comment on his rendering of Jack vs. the Bunnyman here. Was it what you expected?

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