Emily’s Fajita Party

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Yesterday I headed out to Emily’s Fajita Party in Kunitachi. It was raining, I got lost for about an hour on the way there, but Amy Mcdonald’s ‘Mr. Rock and Roll’ and a case of Asahi saw me through.

People I met-

– Emily- Emily! The hostess, teacher, artiste- her work currently on show at The Pink Cow.
– Jeremy- Fairly drunk fella soon headed to Oz to become a pilot.
– Greg and Alycia- Married programmers- good police.
– Tim- Navy dude, big fella, just came from paint-balling.
– Peter- Teacher, went fishing over Golden Week but no fish!
– Christoria- Traveling Texan.
– Josh- The man mountain, now shaven-headed and sporting a bandanna, belongs in WWE!
– Connor- A guy with crazy eyes.
– Scott- Who has a photo show on Drunken Japanese Salarimen in The Pink Cow at the moment. Wore a knitted sweater with skulls on.
– Stanley the manley- Navy dude, longest stint in a submarine without a break- 78 days!
– Belinda, Kay, Theresa- Emily’s friends, maybe teachers also.
– An Italian girl who appreciated me saying- ‘hey beautiful, I love you!’ multiple times in Italian (that’s all I can say…)


– Drinking Margaritas! (Strong. Though I sneakily made a few virgin ones for Jeremy after he drunkenly spilled 2 or 3 drinks on people.)
– Petting cat Gidget and dog Arlo.
– Weighing myself in pounds. 190?
– Arm wrestling! I was against this from the start, but got roped in, ultimately taking the crown. The toughest was against navy dude Tim- I was totally shocked I beat him.
– Drinking Texan beer- Bocka?
– Going to buy cigarettes in the rain.
– Disco dancing!
– Making and eating fajitas.

I had a great time- thank you Emily for organising! I stayed over, woke up at 8am on a sofa, got back home at 10, and slept through until noon. Sweet!

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  1. Glad you liked it. 🙂

    And, I figured some people would sneakily weigh themselves on my American scale while they were in the restroom. . . you were one of the ones I tagged to do it. 😉

    Manly Men. The arm wrestling was insanity – and it figures that neither Tim nor Josh won. They look all big and strong, but they’re wimps. 😉


  2. OH – and it’s SHINER BOCK. The beer, I mean. 😉

    And I’m burning the cigarettes that were conveniently left here in my office. Addicts. 😉

  3. Post

    Probably 186 pounds then.

    Cigarettes- burn them! I think I had one then regretted it. Am addicted insofar as I smoke when I get really drunk- and these days I get really drunk just a few times a year.

    Scales- I can never resist weighing myself.

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