Rock Band!!

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So a few months back I bought Rock Band, the new game where you get to play at Rock super-stardom by karaoke-ing along to the onscreen tracks with guitar, microphone, or drums. I blogged it on my old journal a while back, but included no photos. This time- there’s photos, and video!

Just one glance at us rocking the hell out ought to convince you we rock as HARD as any band, even the mighty FOO FIGHTERS (who I went to see incidentally last week).

And when we actually PLAY a FOO FIGHTERS song? Well, the time-space continuum shreds under the awesome rock pressure we apply. It’s like a rock tornado inside my house every Sunday evening after Frisbee. We could power the whole city, or at least Toshima-ku, on our raw rock might.

That’s me in the middle, Can Mike on the left, and Jason on the right. We’re a little blurry not due to low light or poor camera conditions- but due to the fact that our rock arms and voices are moving FASTER than the speed of light, so no earthly camera is capable of catching us UN-blurry.

That’s me drumming up the inferno, with Jason grinding the axe, and in back Juri bouncing on the water-bed. Here’s a video Jason made of the same event. Hold your eyes in people, lest they pop out on their stalks at the sheer rock magnificence being laid bare:

So that is Rock Band. It’s an awesome game- I highly recommend it, excellent for small parties/gatherings. You can add extra tracks by buying them online- and I added a few Oasis classics (though it’s weird to rock out to Oasis in front of an audience of screaming rock crowds, oasis seems a little too soft for that) plus others like ‘My Sharona’, ‘I fought the Law’, and ‘All the Small Things’.

Until next time- Rock on, my brothers and sisters of Rock!

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