Tiger Man sighted!

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Yesterday SY and I went to see `I love you Philip Morris` in Shinjuku Piccadilly. As is our style now, we bought KFC in with us, sat in the front rows, and guzzled for about half of the movie. The movie itself is pretty funny, and quite sweet at points, with Ewan Mcgregor acting all adorable and Jim Carrey hopelessly in love with him. Anyway, what I`m talking about here is Tiger-man. I spotted Tiger Man as we were leaving the theater. I guess he was watching the same movie. SY didn`t see him so for about five floors we …


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The guys on diggnation from Revision 3 covered my asylum top 10 ghost town article on their most recent show. This is awesome. I don`t customarily watch the show- I`ve got Scott to thank for the notification- but am well aware of digg, and of the comings and goings of co-host Kevin Rose thanks to his appearances on This Week in Tech. It`s fantastic to have him reading and liking my article and photos- even if he does garble one sentence from the text. Thanks to the guys on diggnation for choosing this article to cover, and thanks to everyone …

Ruin of a Japanese WWII Shipyard

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The Kawaminami shipyard was opened in 1936 and went bankrupt in 1955. It had four huge bays and two large factory buildings. Through the war years it served as both a munitions factory, a drydock for construction of cargo ships, escort ships, and kaitens, and possibly also as a Prisoner of War (POW) slave labor camp. By some accounts up to 4000 POWs were forced to work here during wartime. The main factory hall. History on the place has been hard to come by definitively. According to official POW internment records, it never had POWs. According to other sites it …

Ruins of the Statue of Liberty

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The Statue of Liberty is an icon, a beacon-fire at America`s shore calling out to all and sundry- `come on in, there`s plenty of room!` To destroy her is to denounce the very idea of America, to throw that generosity of spirit back in her face and cry out `who needs you?` Aliens have done this a few times. Meteors twice. Global warming and global sanding have been involved also. In disaster movies the destruction of Lady Liberty has become something of a cliche, but that doesn`t stop it from being awesome. Read on for the gallery.

Top 10 Haikyo 2010

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Common wisdom says Japan is a tiny island nation crammed from shore to shore with people living one on top of the other. Every bit of spare space is used to build Prius factories and grow rice. In actuality, though, there are far more dark spots on the map than you’d imagine. The general view that every square inch of land is worth a bazillion dollars is just not true. There are gaps in the facade that whole towns have fallen into, along with bizarre abandoned theme parks, ruined U.S. Air Force bases, and the tawdry remnants of pay-by-the-hour love …