TJWL winner

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Has it already been (over!) a month since I announced this contest? Sorry to keep everyone waiting so long, and thanks again for your efforts to help pimp my site all over stumbleupon and really stick it to the man. Awesome, you are awesome! Anyway, a winner! From a hat, drawn at random and helped by her multiple entries is… …

Volcano Museum 2. History

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The Mt. Asama Volcano Museum was a mould-breaking facility opened in 1967, offering insight into the life-cycle of the most active volcano in Honshu (the main island of Japan), and into the area of volcanic rock surrounding it known as Oni Oshi Dashi (exiled demons).

Haikyo 2009 Poll

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In the previous post, the 10 Most Popular Haikyo of 2009, several people suggested I put up a poll so you can vote directly for your favorites. Well, here it is. I’ve started with the top 30 most popular on the site, though there are of course more. If there’s any you’d like to vote for that I didn’t include, …

Top 10 Haikyo 2009

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Haikyoing is kind of an addiction. Every time I get back from a long haikyo weekend, trudging through dusty overgrown schoolhouses and factories, I say to myself- ‘that’ll do, pig’. But then a few weeks or months later I’m always out there again, doing much the same thing, striving for a more authentic experience, a more exciting explore, more mind-blowing …

Bones of a Gunma Ski Lift

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The Gunma ski lift was the glace cherry on a sumptuous cake of weekend haikyo. We’d headed up into the northernmost quadrant of Gunma seeking a mine/factory, one of the last few within a reasonable drive of Tokyo.