Last 20k words of Wren 5! – 2020 Writing Week 43

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The main news this week has been fresh words laid down on Firestorm – and they’ve been very revelatory for me. Last week closed out at 56,000, and this week closed at 64,000. That’s 8,000, which may not sound impressive, but it really felt like a lot.

We covered a couple of major steps forward that I had to wind up to, and which even now need a fair bit of work. Deep backstory coming into play in beautiful, unexpected ways. I love it when things that I only fuzzily envisaged years ago click into place as if they’d been machine-tooled.

Well, not quite yet – but it’ll look that way once I set to the pieces with a file 😉


Not a lot else going on, really. I’ve been working on my FB ads as ever. For most of the week I was running at something like a $50 daily profit, which is obviously great. In the last couple days the cost per click has nearly doubled, which is probably a combo of me running through all the cheap buyers and the US election forcing up click bids.

I’ll ride it out.


I watched The Trial of the Chicago 7, which was fascinating and very well crafted, Borat 2 which was hilarious and thought-provoking, a few episodes of Dave on the BBc which is also hilarious, and Su and I are watching Sugar Rush Extra Sweet, which does the job of entertaining us through lunch time.

Next week

The goal for next week is to hit at least 70,000 words, and close out everything but the approach to the end. The week after I’d hope to finish up at 80,000 or thereabouts.

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