Awesome haikyo video – Negishi Grandstand

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Occasionalyl I still get contacted by people in relation to my old hobby of visiting haikyo in Japan. ‘Haikyo’ means abandoned buildings – and it was a weekly habit for me to team up with friends and go roam empty hospitals, military bases, hotels.

Most recently I was contacted by Kaila AKA The Victorian K, who did a great video shoot at Western Village. She was looking for safety/security information on the Negishi Grandstand – my info is many years out of date, but I shared what I could.

Well, Kaila went to the Grandstand, stayed through the night and the day, then edited the creepy footage into a video crammed with historical info I wasn’t aware of. Check out her Grandstand video here.

Victorian K’s video of Negishi Grandstand
Victorian K’s video of Negishi Grandstand

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