Soul Jacker art + promo plan

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I thought I’d be done with all this Soul Jacker editing by the end of January, freeing me up to get on with my thrillers, but the vicissitudes of merciful fate have conspired to make the Soul Jacker launch a #prettybigdeal.

It launches March 31 at 99c. All of April will be promo time:

  • I have the Bookbub after 3 days,
  • multiple other promo sites already booked in (including Robin Reads, Fussy Librarian, Bargain Booksy, Booksends and others).
  • I’ve got potential blurbs from famous folks coming.
  • I’ve got NL swaps underway.
  • I’ve got art and targeting for FB and AMS ads.
  • I’ve got the paperback launching.

The one thing I’m not doing is a simultaneous audiobook launch. The cost is prohibitive. If it does well, maybe Podium or another audiobook publisher will pick it up and take the risk.

Today I made the paperback, and it took pretty much 4 hours to typeset and make the cover. 4 hours! Hopefully books 2 and 3 will be a bit faster, but it’s just a pain-in-the-ass process. I don’t expect to sell many in print at all – the only reason to do this is to make the Amazon page look more legitimate!

The cover is cool though:


I also made the banner ad to go on Facebook ads:


This is shaping up to be my biggest launch ever. That’s pretty darn exciting. I’ll keep you posted as I make covers for the sequels!

Oh, another new thing I’m doing is a bit more keyword research and optimisation, to improve organic reach. Hopefully once the book starts to climb these extra keywords will boost visibility across Amazon.

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