2 Bookbubs!!

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This is insane.

A few days ago I got approved for a Bookbub on The Saint’s Rise – a 99c wide promotion that’ll go out to over a million people on the Bookbub lists on March 24. It costs $500 but I expect to make much more than that back.

That was dizzying enough.

Now today I’ve just been approved for another Bookbub a week later! Normally you need to be 3 months apart on Bookbub promos, I think, but in this case it is a New Release Promotion. This is a new thing Bookbub are offering, and they don’t offer average stats – so there’s no way to know what kind of return I’ll get.

Yes, it’s for Soul Jacker (the rewrite of Mr. Ruin)! It’ll be on April 2, 3 days after launch, at 99c. I think it’ll be on Amazon exclusively (not entirely clear), which is great, because then I can get KU reads as well at full price. At the same time, books 2 and 3 are already available on pre-order at $2.99.

This could be huge. Two Bookbubs basically stacked on top of each other! Plus I’ve got lots of other promos to book, I’ve got blurbs hopefully coming in, and I’ve got a number of cross-promo newsletter swaps set up.

My days. What a turn-up for the books. I’ve been applying most months for three years since my last Bookbub, and suddenly two trot along at once. Cross your fingers for me…

ps – I saw Gary Lineker today, walking proud as you like through Bloomsbury. I stared but didn’t say a thing – too gobsmacked. Went right past me – inches apart.

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