1 day before International bookbub – Marketing Report

Mike GristMarketing, Writing Leave a Comment

My Facebook ad for The Saint’s Rise continues to deliver, though the price of clicks has increased. I was getting them for less than 20p, now it’s closer to 25p. Tomorrow is the Bookbub, and I think I’ll just switch the FB ads off for the day – then maybe turn them back on in the aftermath, to try and maintain rank.

On the 7th, 8th and 9th I spent 32 pounds on FB ads. I switched off the Bookbub ads as I got nothing. On those days I sold 15 copies of The Saint’s Rise on Amazon uk and none on other vendors. That’s about 5 pounds back, given the 99p price tag.

Small numbers, really, for a small investment. It has bumped the book’s ranking to 10,000, up from in the 200,000s, which is good. A better starting point for the Bookbub. I hope for maybe 300 copies sold in the uk tomorrow, with 200 across Canada, India, Australia. That would be hitting the Bookbub average, apparently. Wish me luck!

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