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I’m gonna be on the Fantasy Fiends podcast Dec 20 with Andy Peloquin and Steve – pretty excited as it’s my first time to be interviewed live. They send a preview kit which I just filled in – and of course I put forward my days as an adventurer as my topic.

Yeah. I don’t talk about my ruins exploring days much – but of course I still know all this stuff, and remember all the adventures. I suppose I carry it all around with me, and even though I’m not actively exploring/adventuring anymore, it absolutely drives who I am and how I write.

It’s funny, because recently I got a bit hung up on author research. I thought – I’ve never done research for my writing. But that is absolutely not true. For years I was going to all these fantastic ruined places, many of which played a role in history, many of which were part of grand, large-scale dreams. I got in, evaded security, adventured with my friends, had revelations and epiphanies, took photos that got millions of hits, and really did something unique that very few people have done.

The adventure where I met cosplayers – http://www.michaeljohngrist.com/2009/05/cosplay-factory-haikyo-ibaraki/

What better could prepare me for writing fantasy and sci-fi, and for that matter, thrillers? I’ve looked into the dark in ways many haven’t, by going to the dark places.

Yeah. Stand on that authority.

It makes me start to think of ‘research’ as adventure, and maybe piques my interest further. What adventures could I be having now, to fit in my with my life? To build authority? Hmm..

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