Replaced kitchen taps/faucets

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Yesterday I dug in to swapping out my taps/faucets – the biggest part was probably just moving the washing machine. It is of course heavy, and very tightly squeezed in to its slot. I’ve done it plenty of times though, so it’s smooth enough.

The old tap, with the stopcock turned off and just dribbling the last water out.

Removed – easy enough, only one bolt held it in place.

The new tap – its so much better, with much improved water pressure and no roar.

In other news, I killed a bear last night in Red Dead Redemption. When it mauled me like DiCaprio in The Revenant I felt sure I was a gonner, but I managed to get free and shoot it up. My jacket is now all torn up.

Also, I went (real-world) shopping and bought some cowboy clothes! I will put pictures tomorrow maybe.

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