Carpal Tunnel update

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Yesterday I promised an update on my carpal tunnel situation in my right wrist, and lo today it appeareth. I went in to see the doctor on Tuesday to get the news and have a consultation – this is a week after they did an electromyogram on my right arm.

What an electromyogram involves is electric receivers on your wrist while the doctor gives you electric shocks in your elbow. It gives a speed, which, combined with the length of your forearm which the doctor also measures, gives you an idea of your nerve conductivity. I suppose that tells them how inflamed your nerves are and if they’re working properly.

It does, however, take them 10 days to analyze these results. And I did the test last week. So, unhappily, they couldn’t tell me anything! They screwed up in making the follow-up appointment. A nice offshoot of this is that I got my uber ranking up to a square 4. For some reason I was down at 3.7 :(.

The doctor could, however, tell me about my shoulder (which had an ultrasound weeks ago). Mild tendonitis. He will refer me for physio on that. Regarding the wrist, hopefully he will just call me and give me the news. I started wearing a splint recently, and that really helps a lot.


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