Writing Update 1 – Thriller book 2

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It’s time for a writing update!

As I’ve probably announced, I’m writing thrillers now, set in the real world. After 9 books in the Zombie Ocean/Last Mayor series, and two books reworked in the Ignifer Cycle, I was ready to try something different.

Now I’m sitting on a thriller already written, currently on submission with 10 agents in the genre, and I’m working on book 2 in the series. It is going to some dark, grim places. I got feedback on book 1 from a trusted reader/writer who said it was much grimmer than the norm out there. Bloody and horrific.

I suppose I am writing to the kind of readers who like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Luther. There is no shortage of gore, at times. That said – I have been trying my darnedest to limit it. The lens of the story doesn’t linger on horrific things. There are no long descriptions. I try to get in and out of horrible stuff quickly.

So, book 2! What can I tell you? The hero is in a basement right now, doing basement kind of things. Grim. He’s been whizzing around in cars, planes and helicopters to date. Here are a few stats.

Current word count: 40,000

Number of vehicular crashes: 1 (book 1 clocked in at 2)

Body count: Somewhere around 14 so far. Goodies and baddies mixed in.

Locations: 2 major ones. Rural and City. 3 settings in the city. We’re about due for a flip to somewhere else!

Anticipated wordcount: 100,000, or so I expect. I’m writing more by the seat of my pants than ever. It’s great fun – but who knows if I’ll get to all the events I have planned within 100k. It seems like a lot. It may be the first in the series to go international.

I’ll try and post weekly updates on my progress!

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