Sorry the site was down!

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My site was down the last few days- nobody knows why, not me, not my hosting service, nobody- so apologies about that if you were checking in and getting rebuffed.

I spent a few days fixing it, with a lot of trial-and-error installing, deleting, reinstalling, moving around, password changing, syncing and other stuff later, and now it is back- with only a few of the more recent posts (and comments- sorry!) missing.

Was it the 4000 comments piled up in the spam queue? Was it a hacker collaborative angered by my opinions about The Martian? Was it the fault of my webhost and they palmed it off on me?

We will never know.

Writing news

Sales plod along at a book a day- while page reads have taken a little jump up to 1000 a day for the last few days (equal to two books a day). That’s nice, and wholly inexplicable. Plus I’ve got a great graph I’ll share tomorrow. And news about my nascent indie writer’s group.

Oh- I caught one of my Chinese students reading The Last in class last friday! Yeah. But he said it had too many difficult words :(..? Still, I am happy.

Also, I came to some conclusions about Cerulean’s book, Zombie Ocean 3. I’ve been doing it all wrong! Will scrap first 10k words and pick up with much more pace. It’s a good thing.

Other news

Over the weekend we’ve been busy with culture (Royal Academy of Art where Ai Wei Wei is currently exhibiting, then Royal Portrait Gallery while classical music played live in the halls), church (we met a mirror-couple of white-guy/Asian-lady who are our age, childless, and live next to the same park we do- which is neat), social (SY’s co-worker and husband who showed us around Notting Hill) and DIY (painting the study room).

Am now knackered. The clocks went back yesterday so now I wake up and it’s light outside, but it’s already dark when I leave work at 5pm. Feel like a mole-thing tunneling my way home on the train.

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