Not a bin…

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The sign says it’s not a bin.

So, some kind of medieval urinal? 

Answers on a postcard.

Actually if you peer closely at the faded sign, you will it is in fact a mop wringer. 

Of course.

We saw this at the Guildhall in Leicester- which we headed up to for a day trip today.

Actually, it’s a little sad- we booked the trip to go see our latest niece, my sister’s second daughter, named Clover. She was born a week ago and we wanted to go welcome her to the world.

But I had a cold. It seemed a bad idea to take that near a newborn. We tried to cancel or postpone but had no luck, so went ahead with the trip.

It was great! Leicester is a really old, medieval city. It has lots of great stuff, which I’ll post about over the coming week. 

The Guildhall was next to the cathedral where the recently disinterred-from-a-parking-lot King Richard III was reburied. The Guildhall used to be the town clink and court of justice. 

Now folks were having a wedding reception in the large court hall, and kids were playing ping pong in the yard. 

Here’s one of the rooms ready for wedding revelers.

More of the funner tidbits to come.

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