Kingkiller & Holly Lolly

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I just finished book 2 of the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss- proper review forthcoming- and now I need something similar to read.

All I want is more Kvothe! There is none though, the third book in the trilogy has been expected for at least 4 years, and still no sign of it coming.

What is Rothfuss playing at? Whatever. But, three cheers for reading!!

Other news

We had Theodora come round today to design our garden. It’s gonna have red leaf trees from Japan, nice wide borders, and a ton of interesting plants.

She trimmed our holly bush to a lollipop shape (a holly lolly), and I dug deep to excavate roots on two other holly bushes.

Here I am holding the head of my vanquished foe, along with the pit it came from.


Sales trot along at a couple a day. I’m glad of it, but am aware I need another book and another promo soon to take advantage of this light stickiness in sales (author rank above 50,000 for 5 months now- it was below 100,000 before that).

Cerulean’s story is at 35,000 words- about a third through. Happily I figured out the bit that seemed dull- worth a post on the craft of writing in itself I think- and will crush two slow chapters into one fast one, saving words and momentum.

The problem? He climbed the steps once, then climbed them again. Once is enough, yeah?

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