Tokyo Year 1

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My first year in Tokyo was 12 years ago now. I was 23, I think, 6 months after finishing university. It was mad, heady, crazy days- a drunken extension of my Uni days but one where I had a job and a ready-made community of folks to hang with in my language school’s students.

I mention this not for any special reason of nostalgia, though both SY and I these days sometimes think about how we miss the ‘simple life’ of our two-room apartment in our latter days in Tokyo, with walkable commutes and loads of great restaurants nearby. I mention it because I stumbled on these photos that my sister Alice sent a while back, which she took in Tokyo on her trip over to visit me in the middle of that first year.

She scanned them (12 years ago really was pre-facebook, pre-cell phone cameras I think, pre-everything really…) and sent them to me a while ago, and now I shall post them here.


Alice at left and me in the middle, in the hallway of my language school before we went out with students for drinking and karaoke.


Me in I think Meiji Jingu shrine.


In my school-provided apartment. I wall-papered the walls with wrapping paper.


In front of some kind of bar with my good buddy Scott.


Karaoke-ing with some students.


Me and Al.

Writing news

Working on chapter 5 of Zombie Ocean 3. Cerulean is not suffering in this chapter…

2,000 page reads again. Up and down. No reviews for a while. Sent the cover brief for King Ruin to the artist- it will have a hot killer Egyptian lady on the front. That should get more eyeballs than the current cover…

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