Poor, poor Cerulean

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I did some work on chapter three of Zombie Ocean 3 today, and made myself tear up about the ordeals poor old Cerulean is going to face. It is a hard life for him, without a doubt.

SY says- “Why does it have to be so miserable?”

Me- No great answer. A story needs ups and downs? But why can’t we all just get along?

We had a good chat about writing yesterday while having a long lunch in the only nice restaurant in this little town, an Italian place where the lunch set takes 2 hours to eat. At one point I explained the plot structure of Zombie Ocean 3, and why I was uncertain if it worked (which I always am about all my books), and she was enthusiastic.

That doesn’t always happen, and it got me enthused too.

SY is writing too. I can’t comment on it here- top secret stuff- but I can say she has a powerful and original mind for bizarre, Kafka-esque surrealism. She’s writing in Korean, so perhaps I can only read these after I learn Korean.

I’m learning Korean now, every day on the daily 30 minute commute into work. The goal is twenty new phrases, but with this learning app’s algorithms that keep recycling old half-learned phrases, I only get 3 or 4 new ones daily. And a hundred or so reviews.

Still no photos, the internet is mostly down still.

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