Painting & skating the kitchen floor

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Today we painted the tile kitchen floor. Of course first we sanded it, with 40 grit sandpaper under our booted feet, skating around without a care in the world.

Yesterday I bought a belt sander, a fairly serious bit of equipment, and had a go at sanding off the glaze on the tiles with that- necessary because with the glaze, paint won’t stick to the tiles. It bit a bit of glaze off each time, then almost immediately the grit was stripped off and the belt was just heating up the tiles, burning the glaze a splotchy black. They weren’t roughened up at all, just burnt.

Two belts burnt through in 20 minutes. Either I was using it very wrong, though it’s a simple machine so I can’t imagine how, or it isn’t cut out for sanding our hardnut tile floor :D.

So, back to basics, and sanding via the ‘skate’ method. Now two coats of tile primer are on, we may put a third tomorrow, then the blue floor paint on top later in the week. God I hope it sticks!! DIY is hard work!

Photos as soon as my internet is back up (should be tomorrow).

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