Origami light

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Our house settling-in has reached a new and advanced phase.

We are almost wholly out of the ‘first-fix’ stage, where we didn’t have a working shower, boiler timer, downstairs toilet, internet, phone, front lights, front door lock or side gate lock. The side-gate lock still needs to be replaced, and the internet is still spotty, but the rest are all in.

We are over half of the way through the DIY stage, with dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen and most of the kitchen floor stripped, sugar-soaped and painted. All that remains is the kitchen floor to be blue-d, the second bedroom to be blue-d, and the hallway to be creamed.

We are almost wholly done with the furnishing stage. Yesterday our TV came. Our sofa is coming in a few weeks, bedside tables in a few weeks, and at some point we’ll choose some bookshelves. Everything else is in.

We are now some way into the decorating stage! We’ve hung a few paintings, a heavy mirror and a clock, and have a few more lined up to go. We’re talking about a rug and little side tables in the living room. We also have all the light fittings we need- some of which I can install- others I think I’ll hire an electrician to as they require some wiring.

To that end- see this lovely origami ball, in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It is lovely, providing warm light fuelled by an 11-watt energy saving bulb. Good job in selection SY!


Authentic origami made on a kibbutz in Israel.


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